​‘People are fed-up with our Govt’: Hek


Meghalaya News 24 Exclusive

BJP National Executive member and legislator from Pynthorumkhrah assembly Constituency Alexander Laloo Hek told Meghalaya News 24 that people of the state are fed-up with the ruling MDA government, even as he maintained that everybody in the state believes there is  “clash of interest” between the Ministers and an underground militant group.

Asked, He said, “Not only me, if you ask Pan wala, chana wala shop keepers, daily labourers, you ask anybody from top to bottom they will tell you the same thing only what Pala said this same thing people are saying, so people are fed-up with our government.”

While supporting the statement of Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Vincent Pala, Hek on Sunday said, “I have read the statement given by Ma Vincent Pala, must be Ma Pala has seen what is happening in our state, so seeing is believing. “

Referring to the statement given by Shillong MP and MPPCC Chief, Hek said “Seeing is believing. People have seen this happening.”

The former Minister further informed that he will take it up in the BJP National Executive meeting,  “Since I am being appointed as the National executive member of the BJP, I am going to take up this.”

Talking about the role he is entrusted as National Executive member of BJP, Hek said, “……to discuss all the centre scheme which is implemented  and executed in the state of Meghalaya in the national executive, I have to find out now, since I have been appointed as a member of the national executive, that it is my sole responsibility and duty to ensure that all the schemes sponsored by the central government are executed in letter and spirit for the benefit of the people. “

It may be mentioned that the MPCC President recently alleged that there is a “clash of interest” between the Ministers and an underground militant group.

“Everybody is looting the public, the public is suffering, the underground is looting the public, the Ministers are looting the public, so definitely there will be a clash amongst them – this is a clash of interest. I think who should loot more than the other, ” Pala said.

His statement came in the wake of the proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) asking the citizens of the state not to vote for the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) in the upcoming by-elections as a mark of protest against the alleged killing of its former general secretary Cheristerfield Thangkhiew.

The outfit also served a one-week ultimatum to the NPP to shut down all its offices in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills regions.

The Shillong MP also stated that the recent militant activities which the state has witnessed are an outcome of the ‘misrule’ and ‘corruption’ by the present NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government.

“All these have come out of misrule, all these have come out of corruption. The way they are looting the people, be it in the street or be it any offices – I think the people are restless and the people are frustrated and that’s why many youths have joined back,” he said.

“So the fight between the HNLC and NPP has nothing to do with us. This is totally personal among them, but I don’t want to comment much on that, ” he added.

On the other hand, the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief said that he does not support the alleged gunning down of the former militant leader, adding that the August 13-incident reflects a total failure on the part of the government.

He further alleged that the wrong people are being put in different positions as there is so much corruption in the police department.