​Tripura CM’s wife requests withdrawal of security cover


 In a surprise move, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s wife Niti Deb has announced her decision to surrender her government security system and official protocol, which she has been enjoying ever since Biplab Kumar Deb became the Chief Minister two-and-half years ago when BJP came to power in Tripura. Niti Deb requested the government to remove her security.​​

Niti Deb, a central government employee, on a social media platform, announced her decision on Saturday evening as she suggested at a time of the pandemic, the money spent on her security should be spent on people. Her sudden decision raised many eyebrows.

Interestingly, Biplab Deb, the present Chief Minister of Tripura gets ‘Y’ Category security while his predecessor Manik Sarkar never took such protection. In the same way, Sarkar’s wife Panchali Bhattacherjee kept herself away from all such political entitlement, not taking any kind of escort or security financial help a single Rupee from the government when her husband, Manik Sarkar was Chief Minister of the state for twenty years.

In January this year, in response to a question in the Assembly, Biplab Deb, who is in charge of the home department, said since 2018, his wife, Niti Deb had been given two armed security personnel for her protection.

After two and a half years of BJP coming into power in Tripura, Niti Deb announced to cut her security. The monthly cost for her security is about Rs 1.44 lakh, as per the January estimate.

Meanwhile, experts say that no one can leave security if they want so. Personal security can be taken away only if a security agency decides or if the government decides.

A senior policeman said, “The government will review the situation before taking any decision. The Chief Minister’s family members have been brought under security cover after due assessment of threat perception and related issues although there is no specific guideline for it.” EOM​​