14 Regional parties MLAs to work hard for victory of RDA candidate: Kyrmen

SHILLONG, JAN 30: UDP leader and cabinet minister Kyrmen Shylla Tuesday said 14 Regional parties MLAs which includes 12 UDP and 2 HSPDP will work hard for the victory of the Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) candidate from Shillong Parliamentary seat.


Speaking to media persons, Shylla expressed confidence that the Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) candidate from Shillong Parliamentary seat will win in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


It may be mentioned that in Khasi Jaintia Hills there are 36 legislators, with UDP having maximum legislators from this region.


“That is the hope and not just the RDA but all the candidates who will be contesting in any election, not only just MP but what I feel our candidate will do well when he stands for any election he will contest with the hope that he will be the winner” said Shylla.


Shylla urged the people to give UDP a chance to serve and then only they will know whether the party can perform or not in the parliament.


“I would like to request the people to please support us, so we will show them that we also can be a leader not only just in the state even in Delhi in the parliament” he added.


He added that the RDA will not mind if there are hundreds or thousands of candidates contesting in the up-coming election as the motive of the RDA is that the UDP candidate under the umbrella of RDA should win.


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