19.60 lakhs people enroll as voters: Chief Electoral Officer.


Meghalaya election official informs that 19, 60,850 eligible voters have been enrolled. Addressing a gathering, Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya, F. R. Kharkongor informed that in Meghalaya against the population of 20, 21,000 eligible voters, 19, 60,850 have been enrolled. However, there is still a gap of 60,962 out of which 49,445 is in East Khasi Hills District alone. Through the SSR exercise, the aim is to reduce this gap by increasing the enrolment of new voters.

Kharkongor was addressing a gathering of ERO’s, AERO’s, BLO’s, Supervisors, and representatives of Political Parties.

A state function on Special Summary Revision (SSR) of Photo Electoral Rolls with reference to January 1, 2021, as qualifying date was held today at the Conference Hall of the office of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong.

The programme was organised by the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya in collaboration with the office of the District Election Officer, East Khasi Hills District.

He further added that the Election Commission of India is encouraging citizens to register online with the tagline “Why stand in line when you can go online.” However taking into consideration the challenges of internet connectivity, particularly in rural areas, he said that 600 Community Service Centres spread across have been roped in to come to the aid of rural masses, so as to bridge the connectivity gap. Online registration can be done by visiting www.nvsp.in and the Voter Help Line mobile app. 

Kum. I Laloo, Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District said that SSR is a mandatory exercise to ensure a healthy electoral roll, which is the bulwark of a healthy democracy. Stating that the SSR is aimed at enrolling citizens who have attained the age of 18 and also receiving and disposing of claims and objections in a timely manner covering all excluded sections of the population, she informed that training for ERO’s, AERO’s, BLO’s and Supervisors as well as SVEEP activities have been imparted incorporating new COVID-19 protocols laid down by the Election Commission of India.

As part of the programme, BLO kits; Guidebook entitles – Broad Guidelines for Conduct of General Elections/Bye Elections during COVID -19 and Voters – Towards a COVID Safe Elections and CD’s on Integrated Draft Photo Electoral Rolls were also distributed.

A detailed presentation on the highlights, schedules, timeline for this year’s Special Summary Revision was also made by the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya.

As per the schedule, the date for the publication of the integrated draft electoral roll is November 16, 2020, the period for filing of claims and objections is between November 16-December 16, 2020 and the final electoral roll would be published on January 21, 2021.