​BJP crackdown on NPP’s stronghold, as two NPP MLAs from Garo Hills resigned  as the members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly on Monday. A TMC MLA from Khasi Hills too resigned at the same time.  The trio submitted their resignation to Speaker of  the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Metbah Lyngdoh. 
The three sitting MLAs – two from the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) and one from the Opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) – are all set to join BJP in the first week of December at New Delhi.  The joining ceremony will be in presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

The legislators who resigned today include  Benedict Marak (Raksamgre) and Fairlene Sangma (Selsella) and Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang (Mawsynram).

 Looking at the Assam way of Governance the three legislators spoke about the development.

Speaking to reporters, Shangpliang said, “All three of us have submitted our resignations from our respective Assembly seats with immediate effect and the Speaker was kind enough to receive and he has accepted the resignation letters accordingly.”


He also announced their decision to join the BJP and said, “All three of us are planning to join the BJP and very shortly we would be joining the party and the intention of joining the party is three of us have one mind and that is development for the state.”


He said the state needs a lot of development and there are things that need to be done in the state considering the fact that this state is undergoing a lot of problems be it financially, be it from all aspects particularly  from the law and order point of view.


Urging the people to accept the BJP as it can bring a change to Meghalaya, Shangpliang said, “BJP is a party for development and therefore, we have nothing but development so we need development for the state and therefore we are all joining together in the BJP.”


Stating that three MLAs would not like to point fingers at the MDA government and its failures, Shangpliang said, “Time will come when we are in the election campaign, that time we will bring the points to the people.”


Reiterating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can change things for Meghalaya, the former MLA said, “Why we join the BJP because we look at Narendra Modi as a big role here for us. Modi can change things. We feel and we believe that things will change for Meghalaya. Look at the unemployment we are facing in the state. When Assam CM could distribute 25,000 appointment letters in one single day why can’t we do it what is holding up Meghalaya for not being able to issue that kind of appointment letters to our youths. Therefore, it is again the BJP and the ideology of Modi is to provide employment to the youth, to provide rice and houses to the rural poor and also to help the farmers. Therefore, we look forward for better days ahead so that we can serve the people of the state better.”


By Editor