3 more succumb to COVID 19

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Total cases- 12,866
Active cases- 730
Recovered- 12,008
Died- 128

As the Corona Virus fatality rate continues to increase in the state, three persons have died due to COVID-19, pushing the death toll to 128 in the state on Sunday.

88-year-old Reading Sohlang of Nongpoh, Ri Bhoi district and 38-year-old Trevor O Lamare of Iawmusiang Jowai, West Jaintia Hills district passed away at the Nazareth hospital on Saturday morning while 74-year-old Nabir Lambu died at the NEIGRIHMS hospital on Friday, Director of Health Services (MI) Dr. Aman War said.

“Sohlang was admitted in the hospital on November 28. He however expired at 3.10 am on Saturday due to severe sepsis with Covid pneumonia with hypertension,” he said.

Lamare was brought to the hospital on December 12. “He died due to type 2 respiratory failure with Covid pneumonia with severe ALD syndrome,” Dr. War said.

Limbu on the other hand was under home isolation after he was tested positive for COVID-19 since December 2. “He was however taken to the hospital, where he later died on Friday. The cause of death was due to type 2 diabetes mellitus with the end-stage renal disease with Covid pneumonia with hypertension on maintenance dialysis,” he said.

Meanwhile, 123 new cases have been detected while 31 patients have recovered from the viral infection on Sunday.

Dr. War said the new cases include 76 from East Khasi Hills district, 42 West Jaintia Hills district, 2 West Garo Hills district, 1 South Garo Hills district, 1 South West Garo Hills district, and 1 West Khasi Hills district.

Those tested positive also include 8 health workers, 2 police personnel, 2 returnees, and 1 armed force/paramilitary force personnel from East Khasi Hills and 37 from Mihmyntdu cluster in West Jaintia Hills.

Of the 31 recovered patients, Dr. War said 19 are from East Khasi Hills, 3 East Garo Hills, 3 West Garo Hills, 2 South West Khasi Hills, 1 North Garo Hills, 1 Ri Bhoi, 1 South West Garo Hills, and 1 West Jaintia Hills.

So far, the state has detected a total of 12,866 COVID-19 cases out of which 730 are active cases, 12,008 recovered, and 128 deaths.

Of the total active cases, East Khasi Hills has 446 positive cases, West Jaintia Hills 120, West Garo Hills 72, Ri Bhoi 28, South West Garo Hills 18, East Garo Hills 14, North Garo Hills 8, West Khasi Hills 8, East Jaintia Hills 9, South West Khasi Hills 2 and South Garo Hills 5.