40 % shortage in supply of poultry products in Meghalaya


Meghalaya bans import of poultry, eggs

The state government is proposing to start a poultry mission for increasing production in the state.

This came after the state has witnessed a 40 percent shortage in the supply of poultry products following the ban imposed on the import of poultry from the western border of Assam in order to prevent the spread of Avian Influenza (bird flu) to the state.
Speaking to media persons on Wednesday, Deputy Chief Minister in-charge AH & Veterinary Department, Prestone Tynsong said that the state’s own poultry production is not at all-sufficient.

“Right now (after the ban was imposed) we have not less than 40 percent shortage of these items in the state,” he said.

According to him, the state is having only 51 lakhs of birds as per the 2019 census in both the government as well as private farms.

In view of this, Tynsong said that the state government has decided to come up with a poultry mission.

“Next to the piggery mission, we want to also have a poultry mission in the state to increase the production locally to meet the demand and also to export outside the state,” he said.

Asked, the deputy chief minister said there has been no case of bird flu detected in the state so far.

He said a notification was also issued yesterday to ban the import of poultry, eggs, and unprocessed poultry meat into the state through the western border of Assam in view of the outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu) in some states and Union Territories of the country.