832 healthcare workers immunised on Saturday.


Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma today termed the nation-wide rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine as a historic and proud moment for every citizen of the country and said that the launch of the vaccine in the country was a positive step in the year-long fight against the virus.
Addressing the media during his visit to NEIGRIHMS hospital, Shillong, which is one of the 10 sites across the State that will conduct the vaccination drive, the Chief Minister said, ‘We have been fighting Covid-19 for almost a year now and this has really taken a big toll I should say on the nation, on the economy and lives of every citizen of this nation and today this vaccine rollout is a very positive step towards our fight against Covid-19. We have been fighting Covid-19 in many ways but this vaccination program and the rolling out of this is a historic day, a day to be proud and the day for citizens of this nation and the world as a whole, to feel confident that we will be able to overcome this very soon.’
Stating that the inoculation process would take time to complete, the Chief Minister also cautioned people not to let their guard down against the virus and follow all necessary Covid protocols to contain the spread of the disease.
‘We should all always remember that the fight against Covid-19 will continue. It’s not that this vaccine will immediately take it away and tomorrow everything will be normal. The vaccination program will take time to complete, everybody cannot get vaccinated at the same time, maybe this program will continue for six months, eight months, maybe a year and even more so, therefore I request and urge all the citizens of Meghalaya that we should not take it lightly, we should continue to follow all the norms and the precautions and the guidance that has been given by the health department’, he said.
Around 832 healthcare workers are being immunised at designated hospitals across the State on the day of the vaccine roll out today.