AITC asks its two legislators to improve their position ahead of Assembly polls


The Opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) has asked two of the twelve legislators to improve their position ahead of the 2023 Assembly polls.   


This was revealed by the Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Tuesday.


“Friends, who will not have the capacity to overcome the heavy burden of the anti-incumbency that they have now as they go back to the electoral battle, we are requesting them to improve their positions – such a category will be confined to only two of our colleagues,” Mukul told reporters.


“There is some constructive engagement at our level. We are indicating that your position, if not improved, will also have an alternative to pave the way for someone who is willing to be available as a potential elected representative who has a high level of commitment to serve the people,” he said.


He said that the party is keeping this option open and that is one of the reasons why one or two feel threatened.


Stating that there are some “gentlemen agreement” with some people, the AITC leader said one from amongst the 17 MLAs had proposed to allow him to explore the possibility of being a nominee of other political parties.


“Therefore, people in their constituencies themselves know that who is going to leave so there is no need of misinformation or disinformation,” he said while adding “Misinformation or disinformation attempted by none other than the NPP national president is indicative of his fear that there are plenty of the people at the grassroot who are joining the Trinamool Congress on a daily basis.”


Reiterating that there will be an element of surprises in the coming months, Mukul said the state will witness quite a number of MLAs from one political party jumping ship and looking for candidates from other political parties.


“Therefore, we are going to embark upon a new approach to looking at how we present ourselves as a political party so that we break the monotony of how we have approached every election,” he said.


Claiming that he had spoken to almost all the 60 MLAs, the Leader of Opposition said, “So I know the mind of each and every colleague and when we decided there has been certain understanding amongst us also and people who stayed back out of the 17 with the grand old party, the five MLAs, we know each other’s mind.”


Going beyond the 17 MLAs, he further stated, “I am talking about even the MLAs who belong to other groups be it NPP, be it UDP, be it PDF, be it HSPDP or be it the independents or be it KHNAM – I know their minds because we have embarked upon quite a substantial interaction at personal level.”