AITC assures to preserve and protect personal liberty and inclusive character of the nation

The opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) on Friday assured to preserve and protect the personal liberty and inclusive character of the nation.


Speaking to reporters, AITC legislature party leader and leader of opposition Mukul Sangma said, “It is incumbent upon us to ensure that we protect under any circumstances the personal liberty and the inclusive character of this great nation for the sustainability of the democracy that we so cherished.”

He said that religion is a personal choice. “This great nation has been able to create that whole avenue of perception that this is a nation where we respect personal choice, we respect personal liberty and we not only respect, we preserve and protect personal liberty and that is the part and parcel the integral part of the constitution itself.”


The former chief minister however said that today the crucial issue is to ensure that our personal liberty is not infringed upon by any policy decision or any new legislative attempt by any political party in the country.


He said the unpleasant stories are being carried by the local and national media and that the government is allowing it to continue with complete impunity.


“Now what concerns the citizens of this country is infringing upon personal choice, personal liberty and allowing these things to happen by the perpetrators who are engaged in creating that kind of sense of insecurity amongst people and government allowing it to continue with complete impunity is definitely a matter of serious concern.

It is a threat to the inclusive character of this great nation, the character which has been the reason for the foundation day that is laid to have this whole vibrant progressive, prosperous and strong nation,” Sangma said.


With regards to the Assam incident, the AITC leader said, “Now I want to ask the Chief Minister of Assam on the basis of his denial that the whole exercise was carried out without his knowledge. If it was without his knowledge whose job it is whose subject it is in as far as the law and order is concerned. Law and order is a state subject. Has the chief minister taken into cognizance any decision taken by the government employees which is in complete deviation of any policy decision of the government? These are natural questions for every layman, for every common man and every citizen.”

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