AITC demands proper investigation to punish perpetrator; says collapse of Dome atop Assembly building is a criminal offence


The opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) vice president and Rangsakona legislator Zenith Sangma on Monday said that the Conrad Sangma led MDA Government does not have the moral right to govern the state.

 “There is Government but no governance. The beautiful state of ours is being looted from all sides. This is a complete betrayal to the people. I have been raising these issues since 2019. But the Government is always in denial mode. The fact is that all these looting are being done at the patronage of the people in power,” Zenith said in a statement.


He said that the collapse of the Central Dome of the under-constructed Assembly building is a serious technical disaster, which is a criminal offence.


“Had it happened during day time there would be loss of human lives. What would happen if it would have collapsed when all the leaders of the state would be sitting inside?” the MLA asked.

 Stating that this is another prima facie, self-occurred, evidence of corruption, Zenith said, “We can imagine the extent of corruption and the depth of corrupt mind of the people in authority and power that they don’t even bother for the safety of the leaders of the state which include themselves also because of the urge to fulfill their greed. Therefore, there should be immediate proper investigation to punish the culprit(s).”

 Meanwhile, the AITC leader further said that another incident is that the MeECL is being responsible in making people killed through electrocution by engaging un-trained people who are not licensed in highly technical works. As a result accidents are occurring after accidents.


He informed that one victim of this mismanagement died on May 21, at Rerapara village, making the wife and his small children helpless as he was the only bread earner.


“Therefore, I strongly condemn this careless and irresponsible management in MeECL and there should be proper inquiry to give justice to the victim,” he demanded.