AITC is growing: George B Lyngdoh


 Opposition Chief Whip and AITC legislator from Umroi, George B Lyngdoh on Tuesday said the party is pacing up day by day as the state gears up for the 2023 assembly elections.


Lyngdoh said party’s growing strength all across Meghalaya in such quick succession.


“We have already set up our organizational groups in 50 constituencies. We have completed all the 24 constituencies in Garo Hills and the rest in Khasi Hills,” he said.


Lyngdoh further acknowledged the reception AITC is getting from the people from all across the state in their pursuit of better governance ever since the party became the chief opposition.


The support of the people from the urban as well as rural areas is overwhelming, and TMC Meghalaya is committed to working for the needs and issues of the people,  he said.