AITC is not a threat to Congress: MPCC Chief


Meghalaya News 24 Exclusive

Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief Vincent H Pala has said that the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) is not a threat to the Congress in the upcoming 2023 Assembly elections.


He also predicted that the AITC will miserably fail in Meghalaya.


“I don’t think AITC will be a threat to the Congress…the Congress MLAs who left and joined them themselves will have a tough time (in 2023),” Pala told Meghalaya News 24.


“If you see now the consultants are in the front, the party is behind,” he said while pointing out that the AITC is engaging consultants coming from West Bengal, UP, Bihar etc to interview people, do research and analytical study which the Congress had already done well in advance.


The Shillong MP however said by engaging consultants to do surveys everywhere it does not mean the party is working.


“I don’t think they even have an office. By the time they establish the office, by the time they start organizing the units everywhere, one year is a short time to organize a new party…as election does not depend on the party alone it also depends on the acceptance of the people to the ideas of the party,”he added.


Stating that the AITC have failed in Tripura and Goa, the MPCC chief said, “Hopefully, they will fail in Meghalaya also. They may talk big but to translate that talk big into action is not that easy.”


He said the AITC is only working in the 12 constituencies but they need to work in all 60 constituencies, which for sure they will have a tough time.


Stating that the result for the AITC will not be as what they expected, Pala said, “In Garo Hills itself out of 24 blocks so far not a single block has left our party Congress and joined the Trinamool. Only a few MLAs and MDCs and leaders might have joined but not the entire block, many blocks are still with the Congress.”


“Even in Charles Pyngrope and George Lyngdoh’s constituency also they have not been able to take all the blocks with them. Hardly ten or five percent has gone with them. The rest of the blocks are with the Congress,” he said adding “ Even the leaders who used to work with them day and night, they still remain in the party as they thought it is very late now to start a new party in Meghalaya and to reach to the ground it will take some time.”


Alleging that the AITC does not have a good name even in West Bengal, the MPCC chief said see howe they fought elections in West Bengal and everybody knows CBI enquiry is on for the post election incidents and people of the state do not want to bring all these issues to Meghalaya, which is a peace loving state.


“Though we fought elections, we never had post-election problems. All the parties will work together,” he said.


Expressing confidence in the voters of the state, Pala said, “I don’t think the Trinamool Congress will do well as even the BJP could not manage how they expect the Trinamool Congress will be able to do it.”