AITC leader Dr. Mukul Sangma invites five Congress MLAs for dinner


All India Trinamool Congress (AICC) leader and former chief minister Mukul Sangma on Tuesday invited the five Congress legislators for dinner.

This came after five Congress legislators were suspended for extending support to the BJP-backed Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government.

 After attending the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC), suspended CLP leader Ampareen Lyngdoh told reporters that Mukul Sangma had invited them for dinner when responding to a query if he had invited them to join the AITC.  

 “We don’t want to comment at this point of time but yes just now we have been invited for dinner by Dr Mukul,” she said.

 Lyngdoh however maintained that going for a dinner with a colleague or a former colleague does not tantamount to any commitment of any kind.

 “Like I said we are focusing on the interest of the 5 and the group of 5, we do not want to divulge anything because right now it’s important for us to consider our options,” she said.

 When asked, Lyngdoh said, “It depends on your perception….so we continue to get invited to dinners and breakfasts and lunches, so we’re enjoying the freedom and trying to figure out what to do next.”

 On the other hand, Sangma said that he had invited the five legislators for discussion on issues concerning the people and the state.

 According to him, there is a need to always discuss and deliberate among colleagues and explore the possibilities of aggregating their potentialities. This is a health practice.  

“They are my colleagues for a very long time not just during this term but even prior to that we have worked together, we have served together. We were together in CLP and due to the political developments that have unfolded we are separated but then that doesn’t prevent us from getting together and looking at issues before us,” the former chief minister asserted.