AITC MLA George B Lyngdoh along with NHAI & PWD officials inspected Dwarksuid Bridge

The AITC legislator from Umroi Constituency, George B Lyngdoh along with  Project Director of NHAI, Anand Singh Chauhan, S.E of PWD National Highway, Ezekiel Lyngdoh, EE PWD, Umsning Division, Rymphang Kharkongngor and the headmen of Umroi Area inspected the condition of the Dwarksuid Bridge after the sidewall of the bridge collapsed and landslip close to the bridge was reported.

Speaking to reporters, legislator George B Lyngdoh expressed concern over the inaction by the State Government despite the issue raised repeatedly.

Lyngdoh also said that as found out during the inspection, the bridge is no longer safe for commuters while adding that the matter including the main bridge at Umiam was raised with the government four years back before the construction of the Bailey Bridge. However, the government did not take the matter seriously and the High Court of Meghalaya had to intervene in the matter later.

He also informed that the matters pertaining to the Dwarksuid Bridge as well as the Umiam Bridge were also raised in the floor of the Assembly as these bridges serve not only the people of the state but the whole North Eastern Region.

Talking about the inspection, Lyngdoh said, it is found that the bridge is no longer safe for commuters.

  During the inspection it was also found that the bridge was no longer secure and may collapse at any point of time if the overloaded vehicles are allowed to ply through the bridge.

The legislator further said if the main Umiam Bridge as well as the Dwarksuid Bridge collapsed, it would have a severe impact on the people of the state, stating that the price of essential commodities would rise, thereby affecting the people at large.

The Project Director of NHAI, Shillong, Anand Singh Chauhan while speaking to the media said the work for construction of the retaining wall of the bridge would take another 5 to 7 days to complete.

“Earth has fallen out; we are taking preliminary measures to retain earth as the construction of the retaining wall of the bridge would take another 5 to 7 days to complete,” Chauhan said.

Asked, he said, the capacity of the bridge is only for vehicles below 10 MT.

The new bridge is being constructed in a speedy manner which can take sufficient load, we are trying to complete it within 6 months,” he added.

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