AITC slams NPP & BJP for fake propaganda

Slamming the NPP and BJP for their fear-mongering and fake propaganda against the Meghalaya Trinamool Congress, Meghalaya TMC State Youth President Fernandez S Dkhar on Monday hit back at the MDA government for their slew of allegations against the party. Dkhar also expressed confidence that the people of Meghalaya will repose their faith in TMC in the upcoming elections and that has rattled members of the ruling coalition.

“These political parties are targeting us because deep down they know that the people of Meghalaya are coming together to bring about change in the upcoming elections. Around 3.60 lakh people have registered for WE Card and nearly 3 lakh registrations have been recorded for MYE Card,” he said while elaborating on the welfare schemes undertaken by Dr Mukul Sangma’s government.

While addressing a press conference at the State Party Office on Monday, the Trinamool candidate from Rambrai-Jyrngnam constituency said, “Some NPP leaders said that if we give financial assistance to our women and youth under these schemes, we would have to sell the state. But Meghalaya TMC is not like NPP or BJP. We won’t sell our state as they have done on the border issue.”

Coming down heavily against those branding TMC as a “pro-Bangladeshi” party, Dkhar said, “In 2019, who supported Citizenship Amendment Bill? It was NPP and not TMC. In West Bengal, our chairperson Mamata Banerjee led a huge protest against this law, which is against tribals. It is amusing to see NPP claiming that we are in favour of Bangladeshis. Actually, NPP is in favour of Bangladeshis because the whole idea of CAA is to bring persecuted minorities from Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries into our country. Who voted in support of CAA? It was not TMC but NPP.”

Exposing the BJP’s failure to deliver on its promises, Dkhar said, “Before coming to power, PM Narendra Modi had promised 2 crore jobs for the country. It has been nearly 10 years but our youth is still lagging behind in terms of getting jobs. Our promise is not like PM Modi’s promise. We will fulfil our pledges. Within two weeks of forming the government, we will implement the WE card scheme as committed by our leaders,” he said.

The Meghalaya Trinamool Congress leader also targeted the ruling government for failing to resolve issues ailing the education sector. “MDA talks about double-engine government but they haven’t been able to increase the salaries of SSA teachers. We haven’t seen any enhancements for government employees. BJP and NPP should stop asking for another chance to bring development. They had five years but did not do anything,” he said.

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