All NEHU Workers Union meets Governor


President of the All NEHU Workers Union (ANWU) Napoleon S. Mawphniang today informed that the governor of Meghalaya has agreed to take up the issues faced by the casual employees of NEHU with the management of the university.

Speaking to media persons, Mawphniang said that there are 505 casual employees in NEHU Shillong and Tura campus and there are some who have been working for the last ten years with minimal salary yet none of them have not been regularised.

Mawphniang said that the union of casual workers in NEHU has long been witness to the attitude of the administration and the communication gap that the administration is creating and this is just another proof of evidence that the actual interest of the administration lies elsewhere and that they do not want or care to communicate with the casual Workers.

“We have expressed our concerns to the Governor Satya Pal Malik with regards to the inhumane treatment and minimal payment by the administration to all casual workers including those who have worked for more than ten years” said Mawphniang.

Mawphniang said that apart from minimal payment, there is no job security for the employees, especially for women employees who were also denied maternity leave.

“Casual workers especially women are being emotionally abused and threatened with termination from their jobs and there are times when they are even being threatened with wage cuts as a consequence of participating in the recent si-in demonstration” alleged Mawphniang.

He alleged that the administration had even regularised a few employees who are known to them despite being employed for a couple of years yet the same administration have failed to regularise those employment who have been working in NEHU for the last ten years.

“The governor has assured us that he will take up the issue of casual employees with the vice chancellor (VC) of NEHU and administration for discussion on their demands before taking any final decision for the welfare of all employees” said Mawphniang.