All tourists entering Meghalaya have to strictly adhere to health protocol: Hek

Health Minister AL Hek

Health Minister AL Hek said any domestic or International tourist can enter Meghalaya provided they strictly adhere to the health protocol.

“We are strictly requesting to all the tourists coming to our state to follow the health protocol,” Hek told Meghalaya News 24.

“They have to follow the health protocol, do the testing then there is no issue in coming to our state but very stringently they have to follow the protocol,” the health minister added.

After India bans flights to and from the UK from Dec. 23, Meghalaya Government directs all entrants to the state from the UK to undergo RT-PCR test, apart from the host of other protocols laid for the visitor.

“Anybody coming to our state they have to follow the protocol, they have to do the testing before coming here and to stay happily in our state we have no problem in inviting anybody from coming to our state,” he added.

The state government has asked all entrants to the State from or transited through the UK in the past 4 weeks to declare their travel history (of past 14 days) to the Surveillance Units in the State and at the Districts and undergo RT-PCR test.

This has come in wake of a new variant of  SARS- CoV-2 the virus that has been detected in the United  Kingdom (UK) which is estimated to be more transmissible and affecting the younger population.

The Health Department is a Press release said, “All those tested positive shall be isolated in an institutional isolation facility in a separate (isolation) unit coordinated by the State Health Authorities. Those who are found negative on testing with RT-PCR are to undergo 7 days of institutional quarantine followed by another 7 days of home quarantine, monitored by the IDSP/District Surveillance Officers.”

Elaborating more on it, Sampath  Kumar, (IAS) Commissioner & Secretary Health & Family Welfare Department said, “ All those who have  entered  the  State from the U.K in the  past  4 weeks  (from  25th November   to 23rd December  2020) are  requested  to  self-monitor  for development of symptoms suggestive of  COVID-19 i.e.  Fever, Cough, Difficulty   in breathing for 28 days from the date of arrival   from the UK.”

“ In case of development of symptoms (fever,  cough, difficulty in breathing),  put on a mask immediately, isolate oneself at home and inform the District Surveillance Officer or contact  State Helpline number,” the release added.