Ampareen rules out any complication in MDA Govt after Sohiong adjourned polls

 NPP leader Ampareen Lyngdoh on Monday said she does not anticipate that there should be any complication in the MDA government after the Sohiong adjourned election, which concluded last week.


Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said there was a keen contest between the two strong partners of the MDA – UDP and the NPP.


“So there was just a period of about one and a half months. Anyways our coalition partner in the ruling dispensation has won the seat so it is okay,” she said.


 “Now, elections are over so we are going to be moving ahead. There has been no negative or adversary feeling or sharing of experiences between anyone because we now have shown our ability to look at elections as a field job and actually running a government is completely a different assignment, so we have segregated these two assignments,” she said.


“We are now looking at going ahead in this coalition partnership and we hope very shortly will be able to sit across the table to discuss our common minimum programme as this election was the deferred election we have to wait for it to complete,” she added.

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