Ampareen will not shy away if NPP fields her as candidate for Shillong seat

Cabinet minister and NPP legislator from East Shillong Ampareen Lyngdoh on Tuesday said she will not shy away if the party decides to field her as candidate for Shillong parliamentary seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “I am a representative of the people. You put me up to a task to represent my people, I will not shy away.”

She said that the party will soon take a call on the matter. The minister said, “I am a worker of the party. I am a leader of my people. I will rise to the challenge at any point of time.”

The other two names, who are also vying for the party ticket include former Mawsynram legislator Himalaya Shangpliang and former Mawhati legislator Dasakhiat Lamare

Lyngdoh said, “Challenges come and go. No one at any point of time can say that there’s too much on my plate. What comes to your plate is something which you will have to decide, can you digest? And at this point of time it is just destiny repeating itself, history repeating itself. I have always been put up to these kinds of challenges and I have never shied away in the past. Why would I begin to recede into doubt? I am a person who takes challenges as it comes.”

“I will bite what I can chew. This is something not beyond chewable. It is not something which is out of the ordinary. I am a qualified person, I have the experience. What is this? This is just another election. What makes you think that I cannot do it?But we leave the wisdom of the selection procedure to those that will select which is the electorate but I cannot shy away from it or be afraid of it. I will take things as they come. I have evaluated it. I know it will be difficult. Nobody says it will be easy,” she said.