An unique Pre-Christmas at AW Thomas Girl’s home.


With a spirit that ‘Whatever situation comes we are always able to fight as a team,’ the Children and the management of AW Thomas Girls home fought COVID 19.
Optimist after fighting the deadly virus COVID, the Superintendent of AW Thomas Girls, Mika Khyriem shared her experience in this mighty battle, she said, “It quite a bit experience like we are able to accept it with positive thinking and all we are able to fight it.”
It was in November 07 this year that 43 children and staff of AW Thomas Girls’ Home at Jaiaw Lumsyntiew in Shillong, Meghalaya were tested positive for COVID 19. Around 17 days later they finally beat the virus.
The orphanage, run by the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Assembly, was set up in the year 1981. At present, it housed around 45 girl children between the age group of 6-17 years.
“These children came from different backgrounds and the majority of them are orphaned, under privilege children and few are abandoned,” Khyriem said.
Presently all the 45 girls are getting a formal education.
While the report suggests Children are developing serious mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress, because of the coronavirus pandemic. There is a need to keep aside social stigma and help the children to overcome depression associated with COVID 19.
With this in mind and to uplift their morale and encourage the children as they fight this deadly virus, Health Minister AL Hek organised a pre-Christmas and a birthday celebration of his son at the orphanage. This celebration also signifies the fight against social stigma.
Talking to media, Hek said, “Every birthday in the family we celebrate with these people only, this is not the first time, but this times we choose this place because recently they have been tested positive the entire home, children management tested positive and sometimes they are in a depression, so to come out from the post-COVID trauma, to celebrate with all of them.”
Asking more people to land helping hand for this venerable section of society, the Minister said, “It’s not only the Government by any individual who can have this kind of helping hands for this kind of venerable society should come forward, cannot depend on the Government, but people should also have the heart to serve the venerable section of the society. “