Angela Rangad writes to Lokayukta demanding investigation into shoddy construction of ISBT


Demanding an investigation into the shoddy construction of the recently inaugurated Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) located at Mawiong, Leader of Thma ki Rangli Juki (TUR) Angela Rangad on Monday lodged a formal complaint to the Lokayukta, barely six weeks after the ISBT started its operation.

Speaking to media persons Rangad said that it is high time for the Lokayukta to conduct an investigation to unearth the facts and factors leading to the such a sorry state of affairs in the ISBT building which has put the entire state into bad light.

“Seeing various media reports which have highlighted the cracks and flooding of the newly inaugurated Rs. 48 crores ISBT at Mawiong, it is time for the state Lokayukta to investigate the anomalies when it comes to construction of ISBT complex” said Rangad.

Rangad said that in her formal complaint she had asked the state Lokayukta to investigate into the laps as this is actually criminal negligence as it can actually lead to loss of lives with such shoddy construction.

She added that the Lokayukta also has the power take suo moto case or to institute an inquiry once such reports are published but till date there has been no direction from the office hence she had came with formal complaints against it as everyone should be held accountable including the PWD department,  officers that were supposed to supervise this to the transport department and the contractors and all the companies that were given this work.

On the other hand Angela Rangad also informed that she had also demanded from the state Lokayukta to ensure that section 45 of the Meghalaya Lokayuka act is implemented which directs all public servants to declare their assets annually.

“Section 45 of the Meghalaya Lokayukta act talks clearly about the fact that public servants need to declare their assets annually just like IAS officers need to do this under the DOPT” said Rangad.