‘Any illegal transportation of coal if happen, we seize’ says Prestone Tynsong.



Claiming that the State Government does not allow any illegal transportation of coal in the state, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong today admitted that illegal transportation of coal in the state is still going on as the number of such trucks is seized by the police.

“Any illegal transportation of coal happens we seize after seizing of coal we seize the vehicle as well…… if we find some stocks be it old or new when we seize them too and the provision of law applies according to which we have to hand it over to the court,” Tynsong said.

As there are reports of rampant illegal transportation of coal in the state, the police in the last one year recovered hundreds of such trucks.

Asked if illegal transportation of coal happening in the state, Prestone said, “How can I say it is happening because the moment it happens we seize it and that’s why ultimately we have to auction those seize coal if u say the government is allowing illegal transportation of coal from day one I say no we don’t, why should we constitute inquiry because from day one the government agencies are on the road, whatever they found Two-three truck trying to illegally transport seize it.”

So long, the Government has been continuously denying the practice of illegal mining in the state, the tall claims fall flat after several instances where trucks carrying illegal coal seized by police.

Recently, in October 2020, Assam police arrested five persons in connection with illegal transportation of the mineral were arrested and two coal-laden trucks intercepted and seized, The coal-laden trucks, bearing registration number ML 11-4188 and ML 04 C 5395, were seized for failure to produce legal documents.

However, asked about this recent incident, Prestone denied having any knowledge even as he asked why not Assam transfers the case to Meghalaya.

“I don’t know I don’t talk outside the state, still I don’t know where are the officials, I came to know from media only why not Assam transfer the case to us, I am talking of within our jurisdiction,” he added. EOM