Ardent refuse to withdraw ‘Indefinite hunger strike’

The Opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) chief Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit on Friday refused to withdraw his indefinite hunger strike despite request made by cabinet minister and MDA government spokesperson Ampareen Lyngdoh.


Lyngdoh visited Basaiawmoit and requested him to call off his protest and come forward to the negotiating table for discussion on the issue.


Speaking to media persons, Basaiawmoit said the government should have sent an official letter asking the party to call off this agitation and the request must have a proper ground.


“If the government just ask us to call off and come to the negotiating table,  that is not acceptable as our stand is very clear right from day one that we will continue our indefinite hunger strike until the government agrees to review the present job reservation policy,” he added.


Basaiawmoit also said, “If the government is still adamant, we will continue with our indefinite hunger strike. I have said we will not leave this place until the government decides to review the present job reservation policy.”


According to him, the party has also made it very clear that the ratio in terms of the reservation should be proportionate as per the population structure of the state.


The Nongkrem MLA said, “I had raise this issue on the floor of the House by submitting a motion on the issue where we need to discuss to put on hold the roster system until the government review the present job reservation policy. The party has written a letter to the government asking it to put on hold all recruitment processes and to review the present job reservation policy. In the all-party meeting, the party leaders had attended and participated in the meeting and made it very clear stand that the party will not continue to be part in that committee if the government is not willing to discuss the reservation policy. So where is the question that the party is not communicating to the government on this issue?”


“She is a minister who has been tasked with the responsibility to head that committee on roster so we don’t have anything to suggest the government on roster. We know what is roster is all about. Our demand is to review the reservation policy and it is very clear right from day one,” he added.


When asked, Basaiawmoit said, “Inside the House, I had stressed that the government may constitute an expert committee to deal with this issue. As we have made it very clear that this policy should have been proportionate as far as the ratio of this policy is concerned so it is for the government to decide.”