Area in which new colony constructed has been under Chinese control since 1959: Khandu


The construction of a new colony “along the LAC” by China is considered as a move to bolster China’s expansion claim. Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Pema Khandu, who is in Shillong to attend the 69th Plenary session of North Eastern Council said the area where a new colony has been built by China has been under Chinese occupation since 1959.

Khandu said,  “Some of these leading TV channels in India have misled the nation. They (China) have developed a colony in the area, which they have been occupying since 1959.”

Asked about China’s continuous claim over Arunachal Pradesh, the Chief Minister said, “The External Affairs ministry would be taking care of this subject.”

On China not recognising Arunachal Pradesh and terming it as “South Tibet”, the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister said, “The claim of China is “totally illogical and totally baseless. I don’t consider their (Chinese) claim over Arunachal Pradesh.”

He further added, “Arunachal Pradesh is one of the “most patriotic states in the entire country. We greet our visitors, our guests by saying Jai Hind.”
During his address at the plenary session, Khandu stresses on strengthening of NEC which was established by the act of Parliament in 1971.

“North Eastern states have tremendous challenges as these are potential areas, NEC can come forward as a regional planning institute, this will be beneficial for the entire North East,” He said.