Assam Legislator requests CM Conrad not to introduce ILP


Assam legislator from North Karimganj, Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha met and submitted a letter to the chief minister Conrad K Sangma at his official chamber on Tuesday, for his necessary intervention. In the letter, he has requested the state government not to introduce the inner-line permit (ILP) system as it will only result in harassment against bonafide Indian citizens visiting Meghalaya.

“Given the aforementioned problems relating to imposition of ILP system in Meghalaya, I earnestly submit before you to rethink on the issue and set this proposal aside for the greater interest of the North-eastern community,” Purkayastha said in his letter.

He said implementation of the ILP will obstruct the regular movement of citizens of nearby states and would pose unnecessary harassment for visitors and those plying through the state.

The MLA said the ILP system was introduced in the British era through the Bengal Eastern Frontiers regulations 1873 primarily to regulate the entrance of Britishers and Indians to the eastern part of Bengal for the safeguard of the tribes.

However, subsequently, after independence, land purchase and all other safeguards are provided to indigenous inhabitants under Sixth Schedule along with various other legal and constitutional measures, he added.

Stating that with such protection there should not be an apprehension of losing constitutional rights of the indigenous groups who are insisting on the introduction of ILP, the MLA said, “ILP would only result in harassment for bonafide Indian citizens visiting Meghalaya for mere temporary requirements, especially to the residents of entire South Assam, Tripura, Mizoram and a part of Manipur for which the National Highway passing through Meghalaya is the primary lifeline.”

“The movements of inhabitants of Barak Valley who travel regularly to Guwahati and other districts of their own state by road through Meghalaya would be shrunk down due to imposition of this ILP system,” he further added.