Assam-Meghalaya boundary talks only after Assam Assembly poll.


With the vexed boundary dispute issue between Assam and Meghalaya remains unsolved for decades now, the ruling MDA Government in the state has to wait till the installation of a new government in Assam for pursuing the issue with its counterpart.

According to Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong, the state government at the moment cannot do anything on the issue due to the upcoming general elections in the neighbouring state.

“I don’t think that the Assam government will have time to sit and find a solution (to this problem due to the upcoming elections),” Tynsong told reporters on Wednesday.

He added, “So we will wait till the new government comes in, till the new house is constituted then only we will pursue this matter and we will write again to the government of Assam for sitting.”

Tynsong further informed that the state government had already submitted all documents related to the 12 areas of differences to Assam.

“Therefore, we will make sure to attend to these areas where differences happen all these years right from our statehood till today,” he said.

Tynsong said although the proposal to hold talks between the chief ministers of the two states was there but due to the prevailing COVID situation, unfortunately, it could not be held.

Asked, the deputy chief minister said the boundary dispute issue will not be a reason for Meghalaya not to celebrate its 50th year of statehood next year.

“Leave aside the dispute we are going to celebrate the 50th year of statehood as we have to celebrate it. In case we cannot solve the boundary issue, are you trying to say that we will not celebrate the 50th year of statehood? We are going to celebrate,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Tynsong also reminded the need for the two states to maintain the status quo in as far as developmental activities are concerned for the benefit of the people residing along the inter-state border.