Awareness rally on National voters’ Day


​ The message is simple: ‘Exercise your vote, don’t waste your vote and complain later.’

To celebrate the National Voters Day and to spread awareness among the people to exercise their electoral right when time comes, Meghalaya Cycling Association in collaboration with the Office of Chief Electoral Officer Meghalaya organised a cycle rally across the town.

The rally which begins from Bharat scouts and Guides near Pine Mount schools was culminated at Raj Bhawan after covering around 20 km distance.

Carrying the message of electoral awareness, around 60 cyclists travelled all across the town, as only two years left for the next Assembly poll, the office of chief Electoral officer has geared up to spread the awareness.

Lening Bareh, president Meghalaya cycling Association Shillong said, “We want to spread awareness among the people about voting so today around 60 of us took out a Cycle rally in the morning at around 8 am and we went and spread awareness all over the town. We traveled approximately 20 km, as per the route that has been mentioned we tried to travel all around the town.”

With a motto ‘Voter awareness and electoral literacy an important factor to educate and positively influence young people as to their rights, roles and responsibilities as empowered voters,’ the office of the Chief Electoral Officer Meghalaya reaches out to every corner of the town to spread awareness.

“The message we carry is very simple everyone should go and vote, see people keep on complaining about our leaders and about everybody  but actually on the date of voting people hardly go and vote , so our message for everybody when time for vote please go out and exercise your vote don’t waste your vote and complain later,” Bareh said.