Awareness workshop before vaccination roll out.


Ahead of the coronavirus vaccines roll out in the state, Meghalaya Health Department today organised the State Media enactment workshop for media personnel on corona virus vaccination. The sensitization workshop on covid vaccination was held in Shillong.
Addressing vaccine ‘hesitancy’ that could arise because of apprehensions around vaccine safety, efficacy; and any other myths and misconceptions, World Health Organisation, Surveillance Medical Officer, Dr. N Roy, “. Vaccines protect against diseases for which we have no cure and which can even kill or disable.”
Amidst Coronavirus reinfection have been reported around in the country, the health department said People who have recovered from the novel coronavirus infection will also be vaccinated.
Stressing on the need to have the vaccination, Dr. Roy said, “We got information that people tested positive for covid then they recovered and after a few days they again started showing symptoms, they were tested and found positive.”
“These cases were documented in other states in India, it has been documented in other countries and that is why the requirement for a vaccine at the earliest,” he added.
“So it’s important for people to understand why there was a panic regarding covid because there was no treatment available, there was no vaccine available, but now that a vaccine is available, we are hoping that we can stop the transmission using this vaccine which will be having good coverage,” he added.
“If you are not giving the vaccine actually you are taking the chance that your child gets infected, the child can even die,” Roy said adding “it’s going to be a choice of life and death.”
“Vaccines which are licensed are all WHO prequalified, so they are safe and effective,” Dr. Roy said.
“Once a person is vaccinated, after 28 days he has to be given the second dose, two doses per person are recommended,” the Medical officer said.
The workshop gave a fair idea about the online registration for coronavirus vaccination, apart from highlighting the key questions often raised with regard to this vaccination drive.