Bethany Hospital celebrates recovery of another Octogenarian.


An 80 years old woman recovered from COVID-19 and was discharged ​on Thursday. Dr. Kyntiewlang Sanmiet, Nodal Officer & Spokesperson, Bethany Hospital, Shillong in a press statement said, “The patient was admitted to our hospital on 5th October 2020 with complaints of fever, cough, breathing difficulty, body ache, sore throat, vomiting and pain abdomen.”

“On evaluation, she was having respiratory distress, low oxygen saturation and tested positive for COVID-19,” Sanmiet said adding, “Her HRCT Thorax showed Covid pneumonia features. She also has comorbidities of diabetes and hypertension. She was put on high flow oxygen support for the first 7 days & other treatment as per protocol after which she improved symptomatically and tested negative for Covid-19 on the 10th day.” 

“It’s been fantastic to see our patients recover, it’s nice to see our patients leave our ward after having beaten this virus,” the Nodal officer said.

 This recovery story offers a powerful reminder that people of all ages even with comorbidities can survive coronavirus if detected and treated at an early stage. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment are key to providing a better outcome for patients with COVID-19.​​ EOM