Bindo asks GTC to shift its gate from public property


 United Democratic Party (UDP) leader and former deputy chief minister Bindo M Lanong on Wednesday asked the Gorkha Training Centre (GTC) to shift its gate from public property.  

 “I request the GTC to retreat away from public thoroughfare and set their gate within their own property, failing which government has to intervene for public interest,” Lanong said in a statement.


He said the GTC has been illegally occupying the PWD Road leading to Mawshbuit village, East Shillong, since 1984 by erecting the gate across the road and harassing the public, particularly the public carriers and people of Mawshbuit village who have to shuttle to and fro across the gate and facing immense military protocols with the guards manning the said gate.


The other two regiments, the Assam Regiment Centre and the Assam Rifles, which have been there many decades ago than the GTC, have their gates erected at their respective entry points.


The same goes with the Army and the Air Force at the 101, Upper Shillong area, with no army-civilian tussle ever heard of, despite heavy traffic jam along the road, Lanong said.


The UDP leader however said it is not understood why the GTC occupy public property and keeps harrassing the civilians illegally, which spark-off into the recent law and order, which had disgraced the image of the GTC in public.