BJP accuses Congress for politicising current issue


Senior BJP leader and National Council member Bashailang Khongwir slammed the opposition Congress for politicising the current sensitive issue saying that the Congress is trying to take advantage politically by aggravating the situation right from local to the National level.

“State Congress leader, Shri Mukul Sangma should have worked together with the Government in this time of crisis as a responsible opposition instead of trying to destabalise the government,” Khongwir said.

While, condemning the statement of AICC General Secretary  Randeep Singh Surjewala, he alleged, “wherein he has branded the local youth as terrorists while saying ‘how the terrorists covering their faces carrying arms were seen roaming around Shillong ‘. This statement of the senior Congress leader is adding fuel to the fire by   provoking the already agitated local youth.”

“ The congress leaders should have done their homework before  before making such remarks which only provoke the youth,” he added.

The BJP leader further claimed that the militancy in northeast had witnessed its peak during congress regime.

“ The congress during its tenure both in the state and centre had done nothing to resolve HNLC issue,” he claimed.

While appreciating the prompt responsiveness of the Chief Minister by not sending Police Force to the sensitive areas of the city, which could have aggravated the tense situation, he said, “In a display of deep faith and goodwill and maturity, the Chief Minister also decided to fulfil the long awaited desire of the locals to remove the CRPF Camp from Mawlai.”

Kongwir commended the immediate response of the MDA government by initiating Judicial probe.

“The present MDA coalition is a non congress coalition so the effort of Mukul Sangma to destabilise the government will be wasted,” he added.