BJP alleges few ministers’ wants to control liquor business in Meghalaya.


Stating that few ministers want to control the supply of liquor just like coal by amending an existing Excise law without taking it to the Floor of the House, the Meghalaya unit of Bharatiya Janata Party today BJP Meghalaya strongly opposes the introduction of Central Bonded Warehouse (CBW) in the State.

“CBW will monopolise the liquor business in Meghalaya and few people will control the entire supply of liquor in the State,” Bernard N Marak, State Vice President BJP said, adding,“Like coal, not all consignments will be legally shown and all the hidden consignments will be sent to the market without proper tax imposed on them which will be a loss to the State’s revenue.”

Alleging that the decision was taken in the state Cabinet without following the legal procedure, he asserted, “Cabinet is making a hasty move to introduce this as the profit they can individually make is unimaginable while State will lose huge amount of revenue, the decision was taken in the Cabinet without following the legal procedure.” 

The state BJP has threatened to reveal the “masterminds” of the Central Bonded Warehouse (CBW) if the state government fails to revoke its introduction in the state.

In a statement issued on Thursday, BJP state vice president Bernard N Marak said, “BJP wants State Government to stop the introduction of CBW and allow the bonded houses to function as they are running now if any change to the existing law is attempted without following proper procedure, BJP will not hesitate to reveal the actual masterminds of CBW including the ministers.”

Further, Marak said all legal aspects are being observed by the Meghalaya BJP including the 25% hike on all liquors during lockdown which is still continuing till now unjustified.

“The entire liquor business is now eyed by certain ministers as CBW will allow them to monopolise the liquor business separately in Khasi and Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills,” he added.

Explaining further, he said, “Like coal, major liquor consignments will not be reflected legally in the record and the unrecorded consignments will benefit the CBW owners profiting them and of course the Ministers.”

“ Allowing CBW will be like allowing the illegal supply of liquor into the market which will be a huge loss of revenue to the State,” he added saying, “ That is why BJP strongly oppose the introduction of Central Bonded Warehouse in Meghalaya. People should be aware of all the monopoly plans of few money-minded ministers which will destroy the State in a long run.”  EOM