BJP backs NPP candidates to ensure more Christian representation?

​SHILLONG, APR 16: BJP MLA Sanbor Shullai has cautioned the public, especially the educated youths and the literate section of society, that various political parties are laying the foundation of a frightening culture of lawlessness in Meghalaya.


Stating that Meghalaya must move forward and concentrate on developmental issues, Shullai said, “We cannot continue to bring up issues that will divide our society. If the educated voters desire a peaceful Shillong, they must make their voice heard on the 19th of April, 2024.”


He further added that Shillong has the potential to be the IT hub of the Northeast and many local youth, who are coming back to the city can find employment in such firms.


“People should recognise the fact that without peace, no such investment will come to Meghalaya. With the support of the state and centre, we will stand together and will not allow such criminal acts to take place in our society,” Shullai said.


Meanwhile, the BJP legislator also  said the anti Christian narrative by the opposition will be defeated if both NPP candidates Dr Ampareen Lyngdoh and Agatha Sangma are elected from Meghalaya.


At the time when BJP is struggling to keep its folks together, the BJP legislator said, “The

victory of Dr Ampareen Lyngdoh and Agatha Sangma, we shall have a strong Christian representation in the Government. Both of them, if elected, can raise issues related to the Christian community, and being part of the Government, will have a better say.”


Further, Shullai stated that MPs from another party can do little in Delhi, considering their voice will not be heard in a house that will hardly have any opposition left​ a​s NDA alliance will cross​ the 400 ​mark as per poll analysis.

Asserting that sending the Congress or regional parties will lead to five years loss for the public, he criticises various political parties who have made it a habit to attack BJP in the media.








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