BJP bats for Capable Chief Minister in 2023


Advocating the need to have a capable Chief Minister post 2023, BJP Meghalaya Unit President Ernest Mawrie said, the party wants a capable chief Minister who can run the Good governance.

Reacting on the Khasi – Garo leadership issues, Mawrie said, “We don’t have that agenda of tribe or caste or anything we want to have a capable chief Minister who can run the Good governance whether from Khasi, Jaintia or Garo.“

The debate on the Khasi – Garo leadership issues is going around in social media for some time, asked on that, the Meghalaya BJP President said, “We want to have a good leader. As a National Party we cannot discriminate that it Only Garo should not be a CM, or Khasi should be CM, as a National party we don’t have that mindset to apply. “

The issue has been disturbing many political leaders in the state, earlier,  Former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma on broke down while expressing concern over the failure of the political leaders to unite the three major tribes of Meghalaya.

“In the course of my innings as a politician what I have observed is that we politicians, elected representatives and people who belong to different political parties whether it is the Indian National Congress or any political party have not been able to unite our three major tribes,” Mukul told reporters.

“…because irrespective of who the leader is you know there is always that whole whispering campaign that why should Garo be the Chief Minister, why should Khasi be the Chief Minister, why should not Mr A why should not Mr B…see Meghalaya will thrive and prosper when we unite and act as citizens of the state not only by confining our thinking within the community to which we belong, we have to come together Garo, Khasi and Jaintia,” he said.