BJP central leadership should take call on allegation made by its party workers against MDA Govt: CM


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday said it is up to the BJP leadership to take necessary action against their members for making allegations against the MDA government.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said that it was BJP central leadership’s decision to extend support to the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA).

Sangma said, “If the central leadership accordingly gives me the direction in the sense that they say we want to do this we want to do that then that is a different story. But I think individuals making allegations and complaining is something that is their wish and I have no comments on that.”


Refusing to respond to the different allegations made by individual members of the BJP, Sangma said otherwise he will not be able to work but will have to sit and reply to such allegations.

On BJP MDC Bernard Marak’s challenge for an open debate on the need to set up CBI inquiry into various scams, Sangma said, “Nobody has written to me. The high command or central leadership has not sent any letter to me.”