BJP condemns violent attacks on innocent commuters

BJP state president Ernest Mawrie has condemned the violent attacks on innocent commuters, including school going children in uniform and journalists, during the rally called by FKJGP yesterday.


Referring to the apology tendered by the FKJGP president, Mawrie said, while an apology is a step in the right direction, it is merely not enough. The FKJGP should come forward and identify and handover all miscreants who were responsible for the assaults, rampage and vandalism.


Mawrie appealed to the organisation members to co-operate with the police in nabbing those who can be seen in the video assaulting the public.


Mawrie said that FKJGP should co-operate more so because few people responsible for the events yesterday were tarnishing the image of not only the organisation but the community at large.


This incident has damaged the image of Shillong and Meghalaya all over the world as these negative news spreads like wild fire on social media. Mawrie further stated that BJP higher ups are very concerned about the break-down of the law & order in Shillong and that it was embarrassing to acknowledge that the visuals were real.


Mawrie stated that he requests the Honourable Home Minister to conduct a fair enquiry into the incident and specifically the role of the police who were mere mute spectators as the security scenario in the state capital became a complete failure.


How can the state machinery remain a mute spectator to such a horrific event? All those entrusted with the security of public lives and property need to introspect on their designation and decide if they are fit enough, not only by qualification but more so morally to hold the position entrusted to them?


The state government should compensate those injured, and nab the culprits. He also stated the need of a policy to be drawn about allowing the use of masks in such rallies.


Mawrie will also meet the highest officials of the Police Department to urge upon them to ensure that such brutal incidents are never repeated under their watch.


Violence of any kind will not help generate any jobs anywhere in the world.