BJP demands GHADC CEM to give in writing on decision to appoint under matric as his chief adviser


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Garo Hills has demanded the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) Benedict R Marak to give a written reply on his decision to allegedly appoint an under matric as his chief adviser within three days.  


In its letter submitted on Tuesday, the BJP Tura City District slammed the CEM for appointing one Akki A Sangma, whose qualification is below class X, as his chief adviser by claiming that he was a BJP member.


The CEM has also claimed that it was done as per the direction of the BJP Meghalaya in-charge Dr M Chuba Ao with the sole motive to get money from the Centre on 1% token share basis.


The BJP however said that Akki A Sangma is not the active member of BJP Tura City District even though he resides in Tura adding he never took part in any party activity till today and he never attended any party meetings.


“Since you informed us verbally that Akki Sangma was appointed on advice of Dr Chuba Ao, you are kindly requested to reply to us in writing by detailing to us the ground how Dr Chuba instructed you to appoint a non BJP and lowly educated boy as your chief adviser when there was elected members and former CEMs and MDCs in BJP. Kindly also clarify, how much money was agreed to be sanctioned by Akki A Sangma through Dr Chuba as was assured to you?” it said.

 “We want to know these facts because BJP Tura City District members and the MDCs and the former MDCs were never discussed and informed of the decision taken by the Meghalaya in-charge,” the party added.

 Meanwhile, the BJP also asked the CEM to give in writing on the decision taken by him and the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma with regards to the letter of support extended by the party MDC from Tura Bernard N Marak to the executive committee.