Former chief minister Mukul Sangma on Thursday said that the BJP has to be reminded of its promise of zero tolerance against corruption after  its decision to support the National People’s Party-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance – 2.0 government.


Addressing media persons, Sangma said that BJP had said that there is need to change the MDA regime and the reason being the issue of corruption.


“Now issue corruption if they have been so rhetoric on issues of corruptions and suddenly they realizes that they didn’t get the numbers and surrender, it is not something which is expected by the people nor by political parties like us because with every political party lies a huge responsibility, responsibility towards the larger good of the people and interest of the state,” he said.


“Now doesn’t BJP subscribe to the idea of walking the talk and at the same time doesn’t they realize the huge amount of responsibility that they have being the political party who is governing this great nation and also BJP must be reminded of the fact that none other than the prime minister himself have promised to the people of this great nation that come what may there will be zero tolerance against corruption,” he said.  


He said there is need to understand the responsibility that comes along with every mandate, “Whether you win the election or not but you have shared the votes of the people. Whether the percentage of votes are enough to convert into winning or otherwise but the fact is that people have repose certain amount of confident even if the number is not enough to make the party have that kind of number they expected but nevertheless their words were taken by the people, people have believe them that is why people have gone towards their party and therefore, the responsibility of that political party towards fulfilling their commitment lies.”

By Editor