BJP is part of MDA but follows same rhetoric of ‘corruption’ charges during election in every state: Conrad

National People’s Party National President and incumbent Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Saturday said, BJP has been very much part of the MDA Government in the state but during the election the party follows the same rhetoric of bringing corruption charges against opposition parties in every state.

Talking to reporters in Shillong, Sangma said that the allegation of corruption made by BJP against NPP is the statement made for the election purpose.

Recently BJP national President JP Nadda and National leaders Amit Shah termed Meghalaya as the most corrupt state in the country.

Stating that BJP always attacks the opposition with the same rhetoric, the NPP National President said, “BJP was very much part of this Government for the last five years and they have worked with us. In the political elections and campaigns, we have seen that these kinds of statements are made, we have heard that similar statements are made in every political elections be it West Bengal in the past or be it Telangana or be in Delhi or any other location wherever there is opposition to the BJP, it is the statement that they make in every elections.”

He also said earlier during Bengal and Telangana elections BJP attacked the opposition parties with the same kind of statements.

“Today the statement has been made for Meghalaya and as I said in Meghalaya they were very much part of the Government in the last five years.  So these are the statements made for the election purposes,” he added.

Asked about the various corruption charges against the Government, Sangma said, “Inquiry has been done (in alleged Power scams), the report has been submitted and is placed in the public domain, similarly for the rice scam also it was an allegation and an inquiry has been done , so in all the different aspects, wherever there have been demands inquiry has been done. “

 He also said the MDA Government has nothing to worry about all kinds of RTI….. “I don’t have any problem,” he added.

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