BJP issues show cause notices to its two-three members for violating directive of central leadership

pic by Meghalaya News 24

Meghalaya News 24 exclusive

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president Ernest Mawrie said the party had so far issued show cause notices to two-three members for violating the directive of the central leadership.


“Some of the members have given their reply. We have to place this reply in the central disciplinary committee. If they find it is okay the case will automatically be closed but if found that it is extreme and they have crossed the line then we have to suspend them,” he said


According to him, only one, the former vice president of the party KC Boro, is under suspension.

He was reacting to a recent demand made for his removal as the new state president of the party.


Mawrie informed that a circular has been issued by the central leadership in Delhi directing that members should not go to the press but resolve any differences within the party.


“We have got the state office bearers, state executive members, we have got the core committee (to) discuss within the party…(However), it is sad to say that some people went to the press despite the clear instruction given,” he said.


Mawrie added, “…everybody has got their own ambition we cannot stop that but the thing is that from my side I have requested all state office bearers, executive members, party karyakartas that if you have any grievances or problems kindly come and meet me and discuss with me but they have gone to the press…”


Reacting to the statement of BJP National Council member,  Bashailang Khongwir, Mawrie said Khongwir was the former GS of the party and is presently appointed as the national council member.


“His (Khongwir) work is to communicate with the central leadership and has to attend whenever there is a committee in Delhi. His job is to highlight to the people on schemes launched by the central government,” he said.


The state president however alleged that Khongwir has been absent from the state executive meeting for more than three times.


“According to our constitution if we are absent more than three times without  any information automatically you will be no more part as a state member,” he said.


“I have already sent a report to Delhi as he (Khongwir) falls under the disciplinary committee…let me wait for that report and action will be taken accordingly,” Mawrie stated.