BJP legislator likely to meet Amit Shah

Health Minister AL Hek

A delegation of state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is likely to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah during his visit to the state. Informing about it, the leader of BJP Legislative Party and cabinet Minister AL Hek on Monday said, “We will meet him, we will discuss things that are related to the interest of the state and our people.”

“If it is required to submit any kind of memorandum also we will see but now we have not thought of submitting any kind of memorandum to honourable Home Minister Shri Amit Shahji,” Hek said.

Refusing to make any comment on if the state BJP will push for ILP or MRSSA in the state during their meeting with Amit Shah, the senior BJP legislator said, “Everything that related to the interest of the state and people will be discussed… I am talking about ‘General people’, we will discuss.”

Elaborating further on the meeting Hek also said that it depends upon the schedule of the Union Minister, although, from the Government side the Union Minister will be briefed by the CM.

Hek, a cabinet Minister in MDA Government said, “The CM will also convene a meeting but when that depends upon the Chief Minister who is also the chairperson of the MDA coordination committee.”