BJP MLA seeks centre’s intervention to resolve Interstate border dispute with Assam.

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Concern with the vexed interstate border dispute with Assam, BJP legislator from South Shillong, Sanbor Shullai wrote to Union Home Minister Amit Shah seeking the Centre’s intervention in resolving the long-pending border issue between the state and Assam.

In a letter to the Union home minister, Amit Shah on Friday, Shullai said, “As per the decision was taken by the Centre to resolve all the pending border disputes among the Northeastern states by 2021, I would like to seek the central government intervention in resolving long pending unsettled border outline between Assam and Meghalaya.”

Shullai sent the letter after Shah’s intervention to restore peace following the clash at the interstate borders of Assam and Mizoram earlier this month.

He said the people in the unsettled border areas are facing several difficulties as developmental activities cannot be carried due to the border dispute in the region.

Stating that the people of Meghalaya are a peace-loving community, Shullai however said the effects of border disputes spill into the rest of the state affecting the lives of peoples all over and also disrupt the communal harmony.

Lauding the NDA-led government’s commitment to end border disputes in the region, the MLA said the decision to resolve border disputes among the Northeastern states by 2021 is a noble thought and gesture and one that we are highly grateful of.

“This act by the government will help boost the morale of the party workers all across the region and will help us strengthen our party base and future consolidate our presence.

Such a move will go down in the history of the region besides giving confidence to the people of this region in our party and governance,” Shullai stated.