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BJP not to propose switching of cabinet berth between its two legislators.


While the talks are going on about the switching of cabinet berth between BJP legislator Sanbor Shullai and cabinet Minister AL Hek, BJP national vice president and in-charge Meghalaya, Dr. M Chuba Ao said the decision to reshuffle the cabinet is the prerogative of the chief minister.

“This has got nothing to do with the party as it is the prerogative of the chief minister,” Dr. Ao told reporters on Wednesday.

He was reacting to a query on whether the BJP would propose a reshuffle among its two MLAs – AL Hek and Sanbor Shullai – for the minister’s post.

“This is purely a governance matter. We cannot tell you do reshuffle, you should step down, you should elevate…we cannot dictate like this as there should be proper consultation and we have to see the performance,” Dr. Ao said.

Stating that the party is yet to discuss the matter, the BJP leader however said the party legislators are presently very comfortable.

“They are doing the best for the state, they are also delivering the best service to the people,” he claimed.

Earlier, Shullai had claimed that the BJP central leadership had promised him that there will be a reshuffle among the MLAs of the party for the minister’s post.

On this, Dr Ao said that there was no written agreement and that the statement made by Shullai was just his personal expression.

Meanwhile, the BJP in-charge informed that he is working out strategies to strengthen the party as part of the preparation for the 2023 elections.

“I came for that only to discuss with all levels including state, Shillong city, Mahila, Yuva Morcha, Kisan morcha during series of meetings held,” he said

The upcoming election to the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council was also discussed during the meeting.

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