‘BJP not to pull out from MDA Govt.’

Health Minister AL Hek
As the political imbroglio between ruling partners in the MDA Government NPP and BJP continues……. Beaten with few blows, the BJP in the state said it will not pull out of the National People’s Party-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government but is ready to resolve differences.

This came after the NPP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong told the BJP to ask its two MLAs to withdraw support to the MDA gernment if it is so corrupted as alleged by the state president Ernest Mawrie.

Earlier to this, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma had openly expressed his disappointment against Mawrie’s style of functioning and claimed that the majority of the BJP leaders want him to be removed as president of the state party.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, BJP leader and cabinet minister Alexander Hek informed that he has discussed with senior leaders of the party both at the state and the centre, on the need to amicably resolve this issue.

“Today only I (also) discussed with our Meghalaya In-charge Dr. Chuba Ao. He will come and discuss in the family itself (on this),” he said.

Stating that Dr. Ao had already spoken to the Chief Minister regarding this issue, Hek said that the party has no intention to pull out of the government.

“We will not be pulling out of the government but we want to work and strengthen the government,” he asserted.

He also reminded that the MDA government was formed with the initiative of the BJP central leadership.

“They have me​​t Late Dr Donkupar Roy, CM and collectively they formed the MDA government under the leadership of Conrad K Sangma,” he said.

Asked, Hek said forming the government is a numbers game and BJP although having only two MLAs is also part of the MDA government. “We also contribute a lot for the welfare of the state and the people…so working together and taking collective responsibility is for the betterment of the state and its people,” he stated.

On the other hand, the BJP leader also admitted the NPP and BJP are having no problem working together at the Centre and in other states like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, etc and said “But here yes (some) miscommunication is there between the BJP state president and the government…that happens in politics.”

Hek further admitted that there are many states having a non-BJP government but are surviving.

“What is wrong for Meghalaya to survive without BJP. But what I am saying is that since the Centre is a BJP government, it is conducive to work with the BJP for the development of the state,” he said.