BJP passed a political resolution on “zero tolerance” against corruption.


Reiterating its commitment to fight against Corruption in the state, the state BJP has unanimously passed a political resolution on “zero tolerance” against corruption.

The resolution was moved by BJP state vice president, Bernard N Marak during a meeting of the state office bearers chaired by the party-state president, Ernest Mawrie in the city here on Tuesday.

Informing this in a statement, the party said that the BJP’s ideology on zero-tolerance against corruption has clicked in Meghalaya.

“In Meghalaya, BJP was thought to be a communal party but now BJP is seen as the guardian of the common people. Zero tolerance against corruption added a new colour to BJP in Meghalaya,” it said.

Taking a jibe at the other political parties for spreading communal propaganda against the saffron party, it said, “(They are now) looked down by the public for not being able to take up issues like BJP did.”

It may be mentioned here that the BJP has been demanding a CBI inquiry into the alleged misappropriation of the central special assistance grants (SAGs) by the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council and Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council.

The resolution also stated that many political parties joined the chorus after BJP exposed the irregularities and corruption in the public domain adding “This has given a new height to BJP in Meghalaya.”

It further claimed that the party has touched the lives of many people in the rural areas as well as in the urban areas as they were the victims of the bad governance in the state.

“BJP is now an accepted party in the State and by voicing out against corruption and irregularities in the government; BJP has made its presence felt like the guardian of the common men rather than a political party. People have the impression that BJP understands people’s woes and they somehow relate themselves to the ideology of BJP,” it said.

Expressing confidence that the party would win double-digit seats in the 2023 elections, the resolution said, “The hardship felt by the masses has been raised by BJP before any other political party and that has changed the overall impression of BJP. BJP is making its way inward among the common people and gaining support among the masses which will enable BJP to win double-digit seats in the next legislative election.”

It also assured that BJP will not stop from being the guardian of the people as the tribal mind in particular looks up to guardians rather than a government.

“In order to strengthen BJP in the State and ideologically connect to the people at the grassroot level, BJP should continue highlighting “zero tolerance” propaganda by raising voice against corruption, misappropriation of funds, irregularities in implementation of projects and bad governance. People will never abandon the party who stood for them as the nation means the public. So let us all jointly resolve to fight against corruption and move towards corruption-free Meghalaya with a slogan – Nation First, Party Second and Self Last,” the resolution stated.

Meanwhile, the state office bearers who were also the in-charges of respective organisational District also submitted their reports on organisation in their respective districts. The meeting also decided to complete the Booth Level Committees within January 15, next year.