BJP promises ‘special task force’ to investigate corruption cases, illegal coal mining

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Meghalaya promised to establish Task Force and investigate all cases of corruption, any delay, defect or denial of government services

The Party national chief Jagat Prakash Nadda on Wednesday released Meghalaya BJP’s manifesto for the upcoming Assembly elections in the state.

“We will establish a Special Task Force under a retired Supreme Court Judge to investigate all cases of corruption to take swift and decisive action against any delay, defect or denial of government services,” the major key highlight of the manifesto.

Despite the promises made in 2018 not being delivered, the BJP once again took up ‘Coal mining issue in its manifesto.’

In an effort to gain political mileage out of the illegal coal mining issue, BJP in its manifesto also promised to ensure the scientific mining of coal in the state.

“We will constitute a Task Force to check illegal mining in the state. Additionally, we will ensure the scientific mining of coal,” the party in its manifesto said.

Interestingly, in 2018- the BJP has promised to put back on track the contentious coal mining issue within 180 days of forming the next government in the state. However, for five years it continued to be a silent spectator.


However, clarifying on the party’s failure to fulfill promises made in the manifesto of 2018, BJP National leader Rituraj Sinha said the party has negligible control over governance.


“In 2018 we launched a manifesto, we contested 47 seats but we secured only two seats in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, therefore, in a democratic set up, our say, our control on the Government was almost negligible as a result to which we have not been able to do as much as one would have like to do for the state of Meghalaya,” Sinha said.


Stating that in 2023 election, the situation is fundamentally changing, he said, “People of Meghalaya have made up their mind, they are fed-up of corruption, they are fed-up of the dynasty led politics, they also know that central scheme implementation needs a BJP Government in Meghalaya state for Meghalaya to develop at par with other BJP governed states in Northeast. “


Further, the BJP assured to constitute a high-level committee under the aegis of a retired High Court judge to check the corruption and inefficiencies in Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited and ensure 24X7 electricity besides launching a SMART (State of Meghalaya Agri-business and Rural Transformation) village project with an investment of Rs 2,200 crore.


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