BJP releases audio recording claiming PMAY scam in Garo Hills


Claiming to expose a Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY) scam in Garo Hills, the BJP on Sunday sent an audio evidence to the media substantiating its accusation that one political agent from Selsella block in West Garo Hills is involved in cheating villagers. The saffron party also asserted that the audio recording has gone viral. 

Translating the Garo audio recording to English, BJP Vice President and Spokesperson Bernard N Marak said, “In the recording, the agent was making a deal in the assurance of the scheme where he instructed the poor villager how he can complete the house with Rs 90,000/-.”

“He also instructed the villager to set aside a specific amount of not less than Rs 10,000/- for officials per household,” Marak added.

Targeting the ruling MDA Government, Marak said, “It is unfortunate that the political agent who was talking on the phone is a member of the political party which is BJP’s coalition partner in the State Government. They are stabbing the poor people in the rural areas and bringing shame to the noble initiative of BJP.”

With a pledge ‘zero-tolerance against corruption’, the BJP Vice President  said, “In Garo Hills, the villagers are being cheated through the so-called political agents who are working as middlemen between the public and the block officials making all the deals before issuing the scheme.”

Stating that PMAY was one of the schemes which were supposed to benefit the rural poor, he said that the way the scheme was being implemented was no less than looting the poor. 

He further asserted that the sub-standard PMAY house is not something BJP will compromise on. 

Vouching to stand by needy, Bernard said, People who are the victim of such corrupt practice should approach the BJP leaders and apprise them about the grievances faced. 

“It is sad that in spite of relentless effort by the BJP Government to provide the best schemes, the expertise of the political agents seems to supersede the authorities and from what could be understood from the voice recording, the agents who are local political leaders seem to have a good influence on the officials in the block level which needs to be verified by the authorities,” he added.

Demanding action against such individuals involved in corruption, the BJP leader said, “The discussion on the phone gave a clear picture of how the rural people were being cheated and how the implementation of the scheme was profiting others more than the rural poor. BJP is not taking such cases lightly and administration along with the block officials should take immediate action to book the culprit no matter what party he belonged to or who is he politically backed by?”

 He also said that the audio recording is forwarded to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, Power Minister James Sangma, Agatha Sangma (MP), DC and SP of West Garo Hills with necessary details for immediate action.