BJP releases Manifesto for GHADC poll


BJP’s Manifesto for the upcoming election to the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council Meghalaya promises to ‘introduce separate electoral roll in GHADC’.

Releasing the bilingual manifesto, BJP Meghalaya Unit President Ernest Mawrie said since the name of the genuine non tribals who are having the right to vote in the GHADC election are being deleted, the party has made the issue as one of its agenda in the election in the manifesto.

“Like now some of the name of the voters, non tribals has been deleted, so it is very palatial when you allow to vote (Non Tribal) in pain area for other community, and all those Genuine Non-Tribal those who reside in Garo Hills, they should have a right to participate in the District council poll, but very unfortunate like in Tura Town most of the names of our Genuine non tribal who stays in Tura their name has been deleted from the electoral roll,” the Meghalaya BJP chief said.

He added, “ So we should bring a separate electoral roll for the District council so that anybody who has got right to exercise their franchise they can participate in the election and vote for MDC candidates.”

 Asked about BJP’s opinion about the participation of Non-Tribal in the GHADC election, Mawrie said,  “The NGOs demand that the Non-tribal participation should not be allowed to participate in the GHADC election but right from the inception in 1951 when we got the district council in the Khasi, Jaintia and Garo Hills till today they haven’t done any amendment not to allow the nontribal to contest, just simply demand that non tribal’s not allowed to contest it won’t work, we have to do some amendment for that.”

Asked if BJP is voted to power will it consider bringing such amendment, Mawrie said , “We have to discuss this deep and widely and everybody they understand this election is for tribal district council but they are given right to vote so we have to discuss with the likeminded and all the stakeholder, we have to discuss thoroughly”

Further, BJP in its Manifesto promises to transform Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) into a Territorial Council with more power, more department and direct funding from the Centre by speeding up the Amendment to the Sixth Schedule in the Centre.

Stressing on the key issues that revolve around Garo Hills, BJP promises to frame separate rules for the GHADC, even as the Saffron party committed to abolish the non Scheduled areas and empower the traditional bodies to take up local administration, protecting the interest of the people in the scheduled areas.

Another key issue that the saffron party promises was to cut down the collection of taxes by the State Government in the Scheduled areas and minimise the shares given to the State Government as it has hampered the Council financially. BJP promises to introduce the online revenue collection system to enhance the working mechanism of the GHADC.

Talking about the financial aspect, Mawrie referred to the allegation of Fund misappropriation in Garo Hills Autonomous District  council even as he said, “If we are voted and come to power and form EC we have to set up an independent inquiry from the Ministry of Home Affairs whether it is  CBI or any other inquiry, and we want to do the proper audit where they (NPP) have misused the fund and anybody found guilty they have to be punished.”

BJP in its manifesto mentioned about Education, employability, women in Governance, Garo customary laws beside others.