BJP suspects corruption in electricity department.


After slamming the state Government on the fund misappropriation in Garo Hills Autonomous District Council and illegal transportation of coal, now it’s time for the power sector. Meghalaya BJP once again targeted the State Government as it suspects a ‘big scam’ in the high electricity bills slapped on the public both in urban and rural areas of the state.

In a statement issued on Thursday, BJP state vice president, Bernard N Marak said the party fears there’s a big scam and the high electricity bills are an indirect tax imposed on the tribals by the authorities as the state cannot impose a direct tax on tribals.

He also called upon the Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, the Power Minister, James K Sangma, and all elected leaders to immediately rectify this problem.

“BJP wants to bring to the notice of the Chief Minister and concerned MLAs including the Power Minister that the high electricity bill served to the public is one of the major issues which needs to be immediately rectified as the public are being forced to pay unjustified amounts every month,” Marak said.

Alleging that a new mechanism has been devised through the electricity bills to loot the public, he said people have no earning during the lockdown and many have not received their dues, above that the high electricity bills slapped on the public both in urban and rural areas fail any justification.

“BJP wants good governance in the state and this issue is one of the major problems being faced by the public. This needs to be immediately looked into by the concerned authorities and the Minister will be held responsible as we smell a big scam,” he said.

He said the tribal people are forced to pay the bills on threats of disconnection and legal action despite the constant power cuts and shutdowns.

Marak further alleged that the bills are not prepared unit wise and the agents are serving the bills without checking the meters.

Stating that the issue of the high electricity bill is an exploitation of the locals, he said the party fears that this is another corruption that BJP cannot ignore and stay mute too when people are exploited and made to suffer through threats.

The BJP leader also said the Chief Minister should address this issue immediately as the entire state is facing this problem and particularly his constituency Tura is the worst affected.

“On complaints, the only excuse the department gave is the defective meter boxes. How can all meters be defective? Are defective meters supplied in the entire state? Is that another scam?
Some people who used to pay Rs 250 received bills of thousands while others even touched lakh which is impossible to believe. Every alternate day there is a power cut and Saturdays are mostly power dry days due to shut down in Garo Hills. Poor consumers are pained due to rampant corruption through an indirect tax that needs to be rectified.

People use CFL or LED bulbs these days and rural folks don’t use the fridge, rice cookers, etc so how come the bills are high is the question asked by common men? Consumption of power should have been less as there are various centrally sponsored schemes but it’s just the other way round,” he said.

The BJP leader also asked if there is some kind of deal with the companies collecting bills or is it the leaders who are imposing the extra rates. EOM